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Why is Nobody Talking about These Strange Creatures… (2018-2019 EVENTS)

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  1. https://youtu.be/00ggvg4rcHg
    There is Something Very Strange about This Man!

  2. Not aliens, demons from earth

  3. This Ain't Nothin But some government s—

  4. Is this why they create chaos so we can accept the mark of the beast for a ''safer, and controlled world''?

  5. the Bible was Rewritten for their purposes or written for their purposes to control Humanity

  6. you yourself are more powerful than you know

  7. It dos not make sence just a bible freak talking to week minds . Practicing how he gets paid is hope less.

  8. Keep track of us for what? What's so bad about being able to find MISSING children? Please DO explain the threat of this utter absurdity… lmao

  9. Nothing's coming… jesus is an IDEA.. a way of life.. the RIGHT way to live…. God is just a being of creation.. the absolute arrogance in your thoughts that you are somehow special to him is sad…… you are the same as a rose.. an ocean.. a star… bright and beautiful.. nothing more…

  10. Micro chipping pedophiles is a good way to track them at all times for the rest of their lives. Especially since we keep releasing them from prison.

  11. God we need you more now than ever SMH. This is too much SMH

  12. Amos:5/8 used to say his daughters will go forward and. Hunt down those that made Orion and conceive to them .that's what it. Used to. Say anyways it now. Says seek him that made the 7 stars and Orion and turn the. Shadow of death. Into morning and make the day dark with night that call for the. Waters of the. Sea and pour them out apon the. Face of. The. Earth .the lord is his name in orherwords they murdered Osiris in 1990 he would have made us all immortal equal and all knowing in April 1994 we were turned back into drones which. Osiris broke the spell on in 1990 Osiris. Made Orion (Giza) Anubis was. Born 1996. In. Melbourne Australia touch his father you can see again we have not. Followed him so the ocean. Is going to rise 70 meters for osiruss murder again

  13. We all know good from evil..GOD says choose this day who you will serve..good or evil..GOD or satan

  14. Fock da Bar code! Lol 😂 stay or get on meds u people are daffy


  16. lol most of these are proven hoaxes

  17. That woman who points to the "ufo" doesn`t seem too surprised, in fact she laughs. Just sayin`.

  18. Best awareness vid I have ever seen🤗💪❤

  19. If people are gonna buy EVERYTHING media, radio, television and yes government and President are saying is true and better for us in the long run. If you are that person who I just described then your still 😴😴. Because they've been lying to us so long that your own Great Great and so on grandparents died knowing the American Dream!! Unfortunately I woke up from The American Dream at 51 yrs old and you can't put the genie back in the bottle!! QUESTION EVERYTHING, BELIEVE NOTHING UNTIL YOU FIND WHAT MAKES IT TO WHERE YOU CAN LAY YOUR HEAD DOWN AT NIGHT AND FEEL SAFE AND YOUR FAMILY!!! NOT EVERYTHING IS GOOD FOR YOU, JUST LIKE THE BAD MIGHT NOT BE ALL WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD AND TAUGHT!!!

  20. People have to realize there are other beings we were never told about. Some of it's real.some of it's not…… The shadow government plans to fool ppl and put fear into ppl

  21. I understand what this man says, but there is no explanation about the creatures

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