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Time travel PROOF: Man ‘from year 4000’ reveals picture of FLYING cars

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2018-03-13 14:10:00

John, who hasn’t given his surname, says he is 132 years old but looks “like 20 or 25 years” in comparison to us.

In a bizarre video posted by Apex TV, he says: “The design of our cars is different, but I have a surprise for you, I decided to bring a photo with me as evidence, and I have brought it and will show it to you.”

He then lifts up a picture to the camera of cars with sleek and sophisticated designs.

They appear to have propellers instead of wheels that seem to allow them to hover off the ground.

“This is a picture which was taken by me in the company and this is my lovely model DR-18, which you could see here near robots,” John explains.

“Robots have artificial intellect, these robots make such cars.

“It is very easy to drive cars of the future and it’s impossible to have an accident.

“These cars are so smart that in case you want to heat it you couldn’t do it, its sensors will not let you do it.

“The best and enjoyable thing of the year 4000 was one thing, there was no traffic jam.”

The ability to fly through the air means there is no traffic, according to the wacky conspiracist.

John isn’t the only bloke to claim to come from the distant future.

Daily Star Online recently spoke to Alexander Smith, who believes he is from the year 2118.

He told this site about the secrets of the National Lottery and also claimed the government is hiding futuristic technology from the public.

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