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The Strangeness Is Spreading…

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  1. Welcome to the rabbit hole. Complimentary insomnia will be provided.

  2. Could these be co-ordinates or something to do with where the Chinese space station is going to come down, it's due to land/crash around this time…?? Just a thought..

  3. The Strangeness Is Spreading… what strangeness sir?
    keep on telling the world aliens exist..

  4. I've been looking into the pillars of light and trying to find a link between them and sinkholes around the world. There are many reports of the pillars in Russia and also sinkholes galore. If anyone has any information on this, please hit me up.

  5. The pilots seem to be communicating in the usual technical, proper pilot lingo at the start of the clip, but the question is why would they outburst in such an unprofessional way? I beleive that the fact that they actually or finally cought a real live ufo on there tracking system and that maybe it was the whole goal to do from the get go. Seeing an up close ufo let alone tracking it with their technology, would definitely make any professional or not react like they did, I sure would be at the least. Its just human nature. Tell the truth, you'd be just as loud or excited as they were if it were you..givin the fact that 99% of us are SecureTeam10 Insomniacs backing up the big guy himself.

  6. Ok I am not sure if it is legit but here is a group on 4chan trying to decode this thing, found an image with the Morse code translate. Again not sure if legit but you gotta see this. I would email the screen shot but for some reason I can't http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/164225587/absolute-happening-get-the-fuck-in-here

  7. If we have an Earth polarity flip, will all the elecrical motors run in reverse ? Like if you swapped the wires over ?
    Like that ski lift that went into flat out reverse yesterday.

  8. This is a troll or a prank, now he is regretting it, unless it's someone trolling him in which case it's not his fault.

  9. Best story i have heard in a while

  10. dude, you really have to stop following that asshole Tom DeLong! seriously!!!


  12. ( (1.18.5) ( ( MEANS. ( They are taking over 4/18/18)
    That is strange.

  13. 'Ty' was the First, and 'Ky' the second who recived the voicemail?? Ty and Ky🤔👽🇱🇺

  14. Tom DeLonge is working with the cabal or the Illuminati Steven Greer said so

  15. I can vouch for what this AF vet said. I am one myself and radio discipline is for the most part maintained.

  16. Black boxes ping and stop pinging after several months after the battery dies…they don’t transit random robo calls using NATO approved phonetic alphabet and they are not AI, ie, they will not transmit specific messages

  17. They figure if they can put out a few alien videos then they can finally do their false flag of an alien attacking us

  18. At 6:35 there was a code written in morse here's what it says when I decyphered it

    The message you received is well related to Stephen hawking's death, you are not ready to face them

  19. I just found my powerball numbers.

  20. the UFO thing i believe they were training practicing wit h the UFO becuz that guy said he had pilot an UFO so maybe they are training and figuring out how to fly the UFO thats y the guy sounded happy and something but he says what is that so he dont know what is it tho

  21. How can a black box connect and call a random telephone number?? Good question we should be asking.

  22. I think he did get a random phone call…other people got it as well…I think false flag or marketing ploy

  23. The pillows of ligth looks like something I saw over my house at night in winter 1990 I think in sweden. I was in-between the lifts and I don't know how it ended

  24. audio in the tracking vid is overlaid .
    check the dynamic range and bandpass. both exceed the spec'd transmission requirement and reproduction standard.
    in short and in laymens terms….
    it's too sharply detailed and punchy. poor remastering job. the vid of the object though…without a proper sccurale comparison for scale, size and distance and speed are hard to nail down. waves being the only true possible point of reference for scale height off the waves(an average)would be the big help. then what the object is could be of use in solving this particular riddle.
    this kinda reminds me of work. 😉

  25. video quality is bad with the light video but i'm sure there is natural reason for it

  26. The ohio thing, it is the souls of heroin addicts that just od in Marion,Ohio departing Earth…but fr it looks like light pillers or aura lights

  27. on the air force part of this video this seems more like a video of a game session

  28. Lights sure as hell aren’t a flock of damn seagulls.

  29. You always put videos when I’m waking up I love that waking up to secure team videos keep up the good work

  30. Watch the numbers be locations of where ships will land.

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