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Space Weather, Quake Forecasting Tool Returns | S0 News Mar.13.2018

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  1. Hey, I'm no#2. May God be with you.

  2. Thanks Ben. Were getting 9-15 inches of snow….wish it was more!!
    Have the best day folks!!😀

  3. Good morning everyone! Today in Worcester MA, snow…. 15" with white-out conditions. Be awesome!

  4. Sitting in PEI waiting for this northeaster to hit and thinking it may peter out before it gets too bad. The last couple did but the quick economic boost the Island business gets when there's a "storm warning" warrants a lot of "hype".

  5. Question : The Earth is a big magnet?
    Question : The sun is a big magnet?
    Question : The sun's pole reversal will cause ours?

    I'm just a laymen very interested in this subject. Any information will be appreciated. ☀

  6. good morning from Stephentown NY 30F 79% humidity, winds calm & snowing, with about 12" of snow expected, have a great day all

  7. Hi all. UK south coast ( Dorset ). 8 degrees C / 46F ( predicted high 11C / 42F ), winds variable at 7 – 18 mph / 11.3 – 29.0 kph, humidity 84%, UVI 1. We have a dry day here today with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. Outdoors it's not too bad at all, and is a good day for an outdoor lunch.

  8. Good morning S0's, 28* and sunny here in northern NC. Have a great Tuesday, y'all !

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