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5 True Cases Of Teleportation In History!

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  1. My niggah Steve white

  2. My friend told me a story about how she teleported.

  3. Music, voice, stories just amazing fabulous..

  4. Wow that is crazy about the hospital guy

  5. Thanks, Steve. Great as always

  6. Great as always Mr. Steve White

  7. The music is annoying. Your stories are great. Accompaniment isn’t necessary. Sorry.

  8. You know something is weird when the most rational explanation for it is that reality is a simulation.

  9. Everytime I heard about time traveling it get more exciting.. How those people survived the process it's truly amazing..
    Thanks for the video..👍👌

  10. Mr. Steve White, you’re so great at narrating these stories! I don’t think there’s any other YouTube channel out there that makes me as enthralled and invested when listening to stories. You do such a great job every time and I thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us

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